Executive Management Biographies


Michael Gallagher

Mike has held this position since 2004. Prior positions with PFS have included Chief Operating Officer and managing the Western Region offices and sales executives in Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon, Nevada and Washington. He joined PFS in 1979. Previously he was with North American Savings. Mike is a past president of the National Premium Finance Association. He has a BS from University of Missouri.

Chief Operating Officer, Executive Vice President

Paul Zarookian

Paul oversees the day-to-day operations of the organization. Paul was President of AIGCC until 2010. Other positions with AIGCC included COO and National Sales Manager. He joined AIGCC in 1985. Paul has an MBA from Cornell University and a BS from the University of Delaware.

Chief Financial Officer

Bryan Andres

Bryan is responsible for accounting, regulatory and compliance. He has held this position since 2004. Prior positions with PFS have included Senior Vice President and Vice President of Finance and Controller. Bryan joined PFS in 1990. Previously, he was a principal in an insurance agency. Bryan has a BS from Kansas State University.

Chief Information Officer, Vice President

Pete Panagakis

Pete manages both the daily activities and long term strategies of the IPFS technology platform. Pete joined the company in 2018 and has over 25 years of experience in technology leadership. Pete holds an MBA from Drake University and a BA in Business Administration from the University of Iowa.

National Sales and Marketing, Senior Vice President

Herb Chirico

Herb is responsible for overseeing all national sales activities. Herb joined the company in 2001. Previously, he was at Transamerica Insurance Finance Corp where he held positions as Vice President of Originations and Pricing, Manager of National Accounts and Branch Manager. He also held management positions at HSBC. Herb has a BS from Boston University.

National Operations, Senior Vice President

Scott Marr

Scott is responsible for overseeing all national operations activities. Previous positions Assistant Vice President, Baltimore Branch Manager, Tampa Branch Manager and Account Manager. Scott joined the company in 1993. Scott has a BA from University of Missouri.

Vice President Corporate Development and Central Region Operations Manager

Jack Merriman

Jack has held the position of Vice President since July 2014 where he concentrates on new business and the development of key relationships related to the expansion of IPFS’s market and reach. In 2015 Jack assumed the role of Central Region Operations Manager.

Jack joined IPFS’s leadership development program in March 2010. He was promoted to branch manager of one of IPFS’s two Chicago offices in April 2011 and managed the integration of those two Chicago offices in March 2013. He is a graduate of Southern Methodist University.

Senior Vice President, Regional Operations Manager

Ted Koeth

Ted is responsible for the Northeast Region. Ted joined the company in 2001. Previously, he was with Transamerica Insurance Finance Corp as President & CEO and as Senior Vice President Originations and Risk Management. Ted also held several senior management positions at HSBC. Ted has a MBA and a BS from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

CPA, Vice President of Finance

Kevin Brown

Kevin is responsible for the oversight and development of the accounting, finance and treasury functions. Kevin was promoted to this position in 2010 after serving as the Controller since 2001. He is also responsible for monitoring compliance with the terms of the securitization transactions. Previously he worked as the Controller at another company and was in public accounting for 13 years. Kevin has a BS from the University of Missouri.