Premium Financing For Agents

The Insurance Industry's Solution to Premium Financing

With over 40 years in the insurance premium finance industry, Imperial PFS provides a level of Customer service that promotes excellence. As a privately held company, we are not constrained by a parent bank or entity, but rather we can offer quicker, customized services to our partner insurance agents, brokers, agencies, and firms.

As a strategic premium financing partner, we are able to provide custom technological integrations into existing platforms for insurance firms and agents. Our creative service offerings include numerous program options designed to benefit both insurance agencies and general agents. IPFS’ size and independence provides financial strength and flexibility to handle all of your accounts, ranging from large, complex relationships to smaller, more routine engagements. We have financed loans from as little as $250 to more than $35 million. In 2016, we financed over 575,000 loans, totaling over $7.5 billion in premiums for more than 16,000 individual insurance agent offices.

Technology and Custom Integrations

In the 1970s we relied primarily on a computer and a printer. Business was more two-dimensional in those days, however the market has evolved. With today’s technological options, we are able to provide a vastly greater service to our Customers in a multi-dimensional digital world. New technology is an aspect of business which has opened a door of possibility. Insurance agencies throughout the U.S. market utilize software that is as unique as they are. When creating custom integration platforms, we knew we had to cater to all agents’ needs. Through our IPFS Connect mobile app, the website, and in-house custom integrations, we have built a suite of services centered around confidence. Read more below:


IPFS system integrations are tools that enhance agency management systems. With our custom solutions we have seen dramatic improvements in efficiency and profitability with our partner agents. Depending on which agency management system is in place, we will recommend integration solutions that improve quoting, processing, and reporting.

  • IPFS QuoteLink® - Pre-built integrations with agency management systems such as Prevail and Applied
  • IPFS CustomLink® - Third-party integrations with submission tool for agencies that prefer not using eSign
  • IPFS DataLink® - Data reporting technology
  • IPFS eCommLink - Integrates using IPFS CustomLink with additional payment processing for the life of the account


Imperial PFS is the industry leader in providing easy-to-use technology to assist agents with day-to-day business. With services including credit card and ACH down payment options, our aim is to help you save time. Additionally, our enhanced eForms delivery option allows agents to streamline their insurance agency operations and reduce waste.

  • IPFS Connect and a mobile optimized website that allows Customers to access their account and make payments anywhere
  • eForms
  • Text alerts
  • Credit card and ACH down payment
  • Agent and insured web portal
  • Agency dashboard on provides insight into insured activity


While technology and custom integrations are a crucial piece of our service offerings, how does partnering with Imperial PFS affect my bottom dollar? Here are just a few ways premium financing with IPFS benefits you:

  • Premium financing services provide a competitive service offering for insurance agencies.
  • Custom integrations save time, energy, and labor costs.
  • Our team of professional IPFS Associates are nationwide across the U.S. and Puerto Rico.
  • Premium finance allows unique opportunities when business owners might not otherwise be able to afford the appropriate level of insurance.

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